CDA Assessment Scholarship

This scholarship is for you if you work in a child care center, group home, or family home and have completed the requirements for the CDA. This scholarship helps with the assessment fee charged by the Council for Professional Recognition.

The Child Development Associate (CDA) is a nationally recognized credential that requires 480 hours of experience working with children and 120 clock hours of training. These 120 clock hours of training can be obtained at community colleges or through other training organizations. For more information about the Child Development Associate
(CDA Credential), please call the Council for Professional Recognition at 1-800-424-4310 or visit their website at

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Work a minimum of 20 hours per week in a licensed child care center, group home or registered family home.
  • Earn $14.25 or less per hour as a teacher, assistant, or aide.
  • Earn $15.00 or less per hour after expenses as a family home provider or a group home owner.
  • Earn $15.00 or less per hour as a director.
  • Work for a center or group home, and the center or group home agrees to sponsor you and/or allow you to be observed at the center.

To receive the CDA Credential, you must meet the eligibility requirements and complete the following:
  • A professional portfolio
  • Family Questionnaires
  • A formal observation by a Professional Development Specialist
  • An online test taken at a Pearson Vue Testing site

Education: Complete CDA credential requirements, including 120 hours of training.


Either a $200 or a $300 bonus

Commitment: To remain in the sponsoring early childhood program, group home, or family child care home for up to 1 year following the completion of a contract.

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