Mission Statement:

The mission of the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children is to promote quality education and the well-being of young children through professional development and advocacy.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children is one of leadership and quality. Michigan AEYC is the leading organization in Michigan that addresses early childhood education. It speaks with authority and through its activism inspires others to advocate for young children. Michigan AEYC creates coalitions that address common concerns and works collaboratively with allied organizations to address common goals. Michigan AEYC includes all who wish to contribute and encourages those who have not yet participated. Michigan AEYC values the contribution each person brings to the process. Michigan AEYC sets high standards and is identified as providing and advocating for quality services. Michigan AEYC supports the professional development of those who work with young children by supplying quality training, materials and membership services. Michigan AEYC is in the forefront of advocating for the availability and accessibility of a quality, developmentally appropriate educational program for all young children in Michigan. It advocates high standards of quality for the licensing of programs and facilities, and the certification of teachers. It provides leadership in defining standards, quality and developmentally appropriate practice. Michigan AEYC recognizes that quality is a dynamic concept. Therefore, Michigan AEYC requires sound educational and social research to ensure quality in professional development and educational implementation.

Young Boy Painting
Teacher and Child Interacting
Two Young Girls with Facepaint
Young Girl Painting on an Easel