Governing Board

2019 Governing Board Election

Current members of the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children are entitled to vote in the regular election of Governing Board members.  These members have qualified to run for a board  position on the Michigan AEYC Governing Board.

Current members are able to vote for all Governing Board candidates including Chapter Members-at-Large even if it is not in the region in which they live.

Each candidate was asked to submit a candidate statement addressing the following topics: (1) Interest in serving on the Michigan AEYC Governing Board, (2) Knowledge, skills and abilities that would contribute to a Governing Board position. (3) Specific examples of how experiences related to governance and leadership would enhance your position on the board.their affiliation with the field of early childhood education and AEYC.

Candidates for President Elect:
  • Michelle Burkhard- Read Michelle’s Candidate Statement Here!
  • Casey Sterle- Read Casey’s Candidate Statement Here!

Candidate for Treasurer: 
  • Heather Lucas- Read Heather’s Candidate Statement Here!
Candidate for Student Member-at-Large: 
  • Jenna Craven- Read Jenna’s Candidate Statement Here!
Candidate for Northern Chapter Member-at-Large: 
  • Jennifer Ray- Read Jennifer’s Candidate Statement Here!
Candidate for Southeastern Chapter Member-at-Large: 
  • Beth Pierson-Ringer- Read Beth’s Candidate Statement Here!
Candidates for Southwestern Chapter Member-at-Large:
  • Cathy Allen- Read Cathy’s Candidate Statement Here!
  • Christine Whitmire- Read Christine’s Candidate Statement Here!
Candidate for Western Chapter Member-at-Large: 
  • Tonya Clevenger- Read Tonya’s Candidate Statement Here!

Governing Board members accept a commitment, personal and professional, to Michigan AEYC’s mission, vision and values, an understanding of Michigan AEYC’s objectives, organization and services, and the responsibilities and relationship of paid and volunteer staff. Governing Board members also accept shared responsibilities for the oversight of the management, public policy and development of the Michigan AEYC organization.

All elected Officers, Chapter Members-at-Large, and Student Member-at-Large are voting members of the Governing Board. They must be willing and able to:

  1. Serve on a voluntary basis.
  2. Attend all scheduled Governing Board meetings, the annual business meeting and the annual conference.
  3. Serve as a liaison between the membership and the Governing Board, reflecting in both directions for mutual benefit and the development of Michigan AEYC priorities.
  4. Serve on Governing Board committees as a resource in their areas of strength.
  5. Understand the policy role of a nonprofit Governing Board member.
  6. Become familiar with Michigan AEYC’s administrative structure.
  7. Demonstrate awareness of critical issues in early childhood education as well as explore potential solutions within the human and financial resources available to Michigan AEYC.
  8. Devote time and attention between regular Governing Board meetings to the study of data and materials necessary for decision making and communicating.
  9. Support and interpret Michigan AEYC to other professionals and the community at-large.
  10. Accept fiduciary and legal responsibility for the actions of Michigan AEYC as specified in the Articles of Incorporation.
  11. Submit written reports to the Governing Board regarding their activities.
  12. Submit budget requests for Michigan AEYC activities as appropriate.
  13. Pass on all pertinent information to successor upon completion of term on Board.
  14. Follow Michigan AEYC strategic direction and annual plan.
  15. Support Michigan AEYC in its commitment to be a High Performing Inclusive Organization (HPIO).

Qualifications for Governing Board Members

  1. Must be a current member of Michigan AEYC.
  2. Possess high-quality leadership skills with a commitment and contributions to the early childhood field.
  3. Possess strong interpersonal skills with the ability to objectively consider various perspectives to guide major policy decisions of the association.
  4. Prefer expertise in special areas needed by the association, including knowledge of governance and group functioning, association management skills, knowledge of and/or experiences in Michigan AEYC’s affiliate structure.
  5. Have an understanding of multiple perspectives of the variety of professional roles held by Michigan AEYC members.
  6. Have the ability to be a public spokesperson on behalf of the association and its principles
  7. Additional criteria may be determined each year by the Governing Board.

Current Governing Board Members

Michigan AEYC Bylaws (PDF)

President (2018-2020): Laurie Linscott

Immediate Past President: Kelly Kreider 

Vice President (2018-2020): Casey Sterle

Secretary (2018-2020): Tricia McKay

Treasurer (2017-2019): Becky Garske

Central Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in even numbered years): Michelle Stevens

Eastern Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in even numbered years): Wendy Malkiewicz

Northern Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in odd numbered years): Jennifer Ray

Southern Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in even numbered years): Sue Sargent

Southeastern Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in odd numbered years): Beth Pierson

Southwestern Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in odd numbered years): Cathy Allen

Upper Peninsula Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in even numbered years): Tammra Barteld

Western Chapter Member-at-Large (Elected in odd numbered years): Tonya Clevenger