Mentoring * Networking * Professional Development

Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children (Michigan AEYC) is an Affiliate of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Michigan AEYC recognizes that as a student, professional engagement happens in the classroom, on campus, and in the community. The intent of this chapter is to provide higher education students a platform for mentoring, networking and professional development opportunities while supporting the mission and vision of Michigan AEYC. We are excited to announce the formation of our ninth chapter of Michigan AEYC focused on early childhood higher education students.

Who Can Be Involved?

Any higher education student with an interest in early childhood education or a related field and who is a member of, or becomes a member of, Michigan AEYC/NAEYC.

How do I join?

Register here to become a member of the Student Chapter. There is no additional cost to join.

How does it work?

In alignment with all other Michigan AEYC Chapter formats, the student chapter will have one elected voting representative on the Michigan AEYC Governing Board. The Student Chapter will be self-guided with a Michigan AEYC staff liaison acting as an advisor.

Student Chapter Benefits:

  • NAEYC/Michigan AEYC Membership
    As with all Chapters of Michigan AEYC, NAEYC Membership is required to be part of the Chapter. To join click HERE to review current membership options.If you are interested in becoming a member and need financial assistance with the cost of membership please contact Paula Spencer, 800 336 6424 ext. 301.
  • Scholarship Opportunities
    Student Chapter members will be notified of available scholarships.
  • Michigan AEYC Student Member Spotlight
    Each month there will be an opportunity for instructors, employees, and students to recognize early childhood students for their contribution to the ECE field. The nomination form is online and can be found HERE. Michigan AEYC will review all candidates and based on a rubric will select one student each month. Student recipients will receive recognition from Michigan AEYC and be featured on our website. Each recipient will also receive a letter from Michigan AEYC to include in their professional portfolio. Students can also self-nominate.
  • Promotional Items
    Michigan AEYC will provide an opportunity for the group to choose from Michigan AEYC promotional items. Depending on the items a small fee may be charged.
  • Virtual Professional Learning Opportunities (Bi-monthly).
    As a group, the Student Chapter will choose six relevant topics for virtual professional learning opportunities to be scheduled throughout the school year. Michigan AEYC will ensure all events are posted on MiRegistry. These learning opportunities will be free of charge to the student chapter members. Students are urged to complete the topic and mentoring survey HERE.
  • Networking
    Networking plays a significant role in any professional organization. Prior to each of the Virtual Learning Opportunities there will be a scheduled 30-minute networking opportunity with other ECE students throughout the state. Students will also be invited to attend Michigan AEYC board meetings and other professional networking opportunities.
  • Volunteering, Advocacy and Mentoring Opportunities
    Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for students to:
  • volunteer at Michigan AEYC chapter events and conferences
  • participate in the Michigan AEYC annual conference as a Student Ambassador
  • be part of the Michigan AEYC Advocacy Committee activities
  • participate in a mentor-mentee relationship
  • be an active participant of the student led statewide community support project (examples include: diaper drive, book drive…)

Remember: all participation in these opportunities can be used on a resume.

  • Michigan AEYC Graduation Stole
    Upon completion of successful participation* in the chapter, students will receive a Michigan AEYC Student Chapter Stole to be worn at graduation symbolizing their hard work and dedication to Michigan AEYC.

What is the commitment?

Members of the Michigan AEYC Student Chapter are expected to be an active participant and consistently participating by:

  • Attending bi-monthly virtual professional development opportunities
  • Sharing information with fellow early childhood students on campus
  • Using the statewide platform to share the voice of ECE students
  • Participate as Student Ambassadors at Michigan AEYC conferences and events
  • Participate in the Student Chapter state-wide community support project (Group determines project at September meeting)

*The student chapter will define successful participation based on attendance, involvement and/or participation point system.