Student Leadership Award

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Michigan AEYC recognizes that emerging professionals need opportunities to work and learn alongside leaders in our field. The Michigan AEYC Student Leadership Scholarship Award provides opportunities for education and leadership to an undergraduate student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in either elementary certification with the early childhood endorsement or child development. The purpose of providing a scholarship for this student is to develop a base for future leadership both in the profession and in the organization.

This award will be given to one student each year who, through his/her academic record and professional involvement, indicate strong leadership skills in the field of early childhood education or child development. A student may apply for an award more than one time.

The award: 

  1. A scholarship of $2,000
  2. A 1-year membership in Michigan AEYC
  3. A complimentary Michigan AEYC conference registration and one night lodging the year of the award.
  4. An opportunity to work with leaders in the fields of early childhood education and child development, (i.e., attending Governing Board meetings, mentoring, participating in local or state events.)


  1. Applicant must complete all parts of the application.
  2. An application is available online at or by calling the Michigan AEYC office.


  1. Applicant must have completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours by the start of the next school year, and plan to enroll in undergraduate studies at that time.
  2. Applicant must have a grade point average of 2.75 or higher.
  3. Applicant must be attending or registered to attend a four-year college or university in the State of Michigan that is regionally accredited, or be enrolled in a teacher education program that is approved by the State of Michigan. Online degrees are not eligible. Applicant must be pursuing their first Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Applicant must be a student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree major or minor in one of the following: Early Childhood Education, Child Development or a related field, e.g. Early Childhood Special Education, Family Studies.
  5. Applicant must be available for potential telephone interview late-February to early March.


  1. A copy of a current college transcript(s). Does not have to be an official transcript.
  2. A reference letter from someone other than a relative or friend who can speak to the applicant’s motivation, drive and leadership. Applicant should get permission for a follow-up call by the Scholarship Committee.
  3. A reference letter from a current or former professor from an early childhood or child development class. Applicant should get permission for a follow-up call by the Scholarship Committee. Letter must be authored by someone unrelated to the applicant.

Important Dates:

  1. This application and all enclosures must be received by 5 pm on January 26, 2018.
  2. Applicants will be notified of the Scholarship Committee’s decision by March 16, 2018.

The completeness, accuracy, and quality of the application form and all enclosures are important. Submit complete application and enclosures by 5pm on January 26, 2018 to: Michigan AEYC 839 Centennial Way, Suite 200 Lansing, MI 48917-9277 Phone: 1-800-336-6424

2017 Student Leadership Award Winner

2nd 2017 Student Leadership Award Winner