Jacquelyn H Miller Endowment

The Jacquelyn H. Miller Endowment is a fund established in memory of a past president of Michigan AEYC, and founder of The Discovery Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Throughout her professional life, Jacki was an advocate for children and for the people who care for them. Her commitment to excellence, in her own child care center as well as her leadership of Michigan AEYC, was and continues to be an inspiration to many. Through the endowment, Michigan AEYC provides recognition and encouragement for excellence and innovation in early childhood education. Each year, the Michigan AEYC Governing Board will distribute funds, generated from Endowment income based on the recommendation of its standing committee on Awards.

The Jacquelyn H. Miller Endowment awards grants selected from proposals from members of Michigan AEYC (individuals or groups) for projects which focus on one of two general areas which were of particular interest to Jacki: Children and the Arts and Play Environments for Young Children.

Proposal Requirements and Guidelines

The application and all supporting materials must be submitted electronically by 11:59 p.m. on June 7, 2019.

  • All grant projects must take place in Michigan and have a focus on one of two general areas which were of particular interest to Jacki: Children and the Arts and Play Environments for Young Children. Some titles of past recipients of the award are:
    • “Garden to Table”
    • “Children’s Outdoor Sound-Scape”
    • “The Language of Clay: A Community Project”
    • “Music Makes the World Go Round”
    • “Nature-based Outdoor Playspace”
  • Proposed projects must:
    • Benefit children and those who care for them.
    • Be outside the scope of other Michigan AEYC programs.
    • Demonstrate excellence and innovation in early childhood education.
    • Be submitted by a Michigan AEYC member. (Membership will be verified by the Michigan AEYC office.)

Proposal Guidelines

  • There must be two names submitted with each proposal, a primary applicant (Project Director), and secondary applicant. Both applicants must be members of Michigan AEYC. This is a safeguard in the event that the primary applicant moves or is unable to assume responsibility for the project between the time of submission of the proposal and the award of the grant. Signatures of both applicants must be included and uploaded with the application.
  • The proposal must include a cover sheet and three (3) letters of recommendation, one of which must be from another Michigan AEYC member, indicating support of the project.
  • Current Michigan AEYC Governing Board members or employees may not apply for a Jacquelyn H. Miller Endowment Fund Grant as the primary or secondary applicant. A Governing Board member may, however, write a letter of support for a proposed project.
  • Proposals must be no longer than five (5) typewritten pages.
  • Proposals must include the following section headings:
    • Project description (include description and size of target population)
    • Relevance to endowment focus: Children and the Arts or Play Environments for Young Children
    • Justification of need
    • Procedures
    • Timeline
    • Anticipated outcomes
    • Benefit to children of Michigan
    • Involvement of Michigan AEYC members
    • Line item budget (see budget requirements)
    • Budget narrative (see budget requirements)

Budget Requirements (Click here to access the budget template)

  • Individual grants may range up to $1200
  • Upload a budget narrative detailing income and expenses:
    • Requests of funds for equipment, ongoing operation of existing programs, a refunding of identical programs will not be considered.
    • If there are personnel costs, please itemize and provide justification.
    • If funds are being requested from other sources in addition to Michigan AEYC, please indicate the source and dollar amount of other requests.
    • Indicate how the proposed project will be changed if all sources of projected funds are not available.
    • If a proposed budget item appears excessive for the nature of the project, the Jacquelyn Miller Endowment Committee may eliminate the budget item from consideration.
    • Debt incurred by any applicants is the sole responsibility of those applicants.

Selection Process

  • Each proposal is evaluated by the Awards Committee using a weighted grant rating form.
  • Recommendations of the Awards Committee are made to the Michigan AEYC Governing Board for its review and approval.
  • Proposals must address one of the Endowment foci: Children and the Arts or Play Environments for Young Children
  • Proposals will be rated on the following criteria:
    • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the project
    • Clearly documented need
    • Number of people to be impacted by the project
    • Degree to which the project addresses stated Endowment focus
    • Innovation of project (for the particular community)
    • Realistic plan, timeframe, line item budget, and budget narrative
    • Degree to which children benefit from the project
    • Level of networking with other organizations

Final Report

A final report will be due in June of 2020 and must include:

  • Documentation that the project was completed
    • Documentation could include a written position statement, report, a copy of training material completed, a newspaper story describing the results of the project, photographs, or other similar documentation.
    • All products/materials must include the statement “Made possible by a grant from the Jacquelyn H. Miller Endowment Fund of the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children.”
    • Products/materials must also prominently display the following disclaimer: “Products, services and philosophical positions presented by Endowment grant recipients are representative of the individuals involved and do not reflect an endorsement by the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children.”
  • A written description of the steps taken to plan, implement, and complete the project accompanied by an evaluation of the effectiveness of the project.
  • A final budget detailing how the money was spent.