Master’s Degree Scholarship

A Master’s Degree is earned at a University. The Master’s Degree Scholarship allows professionals working in the field of early childhood education to earn a graduate degree in early childhood education or a ZN Endorsement. The Master’s Degree scholarship provides a stipend to cover the majority of the cost towards a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education / Child Development or a ZN Endorsement. Scholarship recipients must commit to remain in field of early childhood education for one year following the completion of their contract. You may be eligible for the Master’s Degree Scholarship if you:

  • Work a minimum of 20 hours per week in one of the following settings or in one of the following roles:
    • Licensed or registered center-based, family, or group home provider
    • Great Start to Quality Resource Center
    • Early childhood education faculty
    • Early Childhood Specialist
    • Child Day Care Licensing
    • Home Visiting (Including Early On)
    • Other early childhood focused organizations
  • Meet income eligibility guidelines (maximum individual income of $65,000 annually)
  • Have been admitted to a graduate program in early childhood education at one of the participating colleges/universities
  • Have completed a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Are eligible to receive Michigan in-state student tuition rate